Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System, 4-Gallon

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The Zen Water dispenser system transforms ordinary tap water into clean, delicious, alkaline mineral water by uniquely combining 5 different functions into 1 process: 1.) Filter; 2.) Purify; 3.) Alkalize; 4.) Mineralize; 5.) Magnetize. The benefits are endless: – The Micro-Ceramic Filter contains millions of tiny pores that measure 0.2 to 0.9 micron in size, traps sediment and harmful contaminants, and effectively reduces manmade chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins.
Activated carbon purifies your drinking water by eliminating bad taste and foul odor, leaving water crispy-clean with a mountain spring-fresh flavor.
Silica sand contains superb absorbent qualities to remove impurities in the body, and has been shown to aid in the formation and strengthening of connective tissues.
– The
far-infrared ceramic balls are commonly used in alternative medicine to increase enzyme activity in the digestive tract, improve memory function, regulate blood pressure, and boost metabolism, strength and vitality.
Maifan Mineral Stones infuse water with micronutrients and essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, and manganese, and increase the alkalinity of your water.
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magnetic purification component of our system restructures the water molecules into miniscule clusters, making it easier for the body to absorb for better hydration.Zen Water is eco-friendly and BPA-Free. It requires no electricity or plumbing and operates purely on gravity. No more bottled water and plastic container waste! The filtration system is compact, portable and pays for itself in about less than 2 months time. Turn your dirty tap water into healthy, delicious mineral water at your fingertips to drink at home, in the office, at a cabin or camping trailer, or while sheltering from a natural disaster. – Capacity: Top holding tank is 1.5-gallons; Bottom storage tank is 2.5-gallons.
Transform tap water into clean, healthy, alkaline mineral water. o-rings and the wing nut are attached to the stem of the ceramic filter
5 Functions Combined in 1 System: Filter, Purify, Mineralize, Alkalize and Magnetize
Mountain-spring fresh taste by the bottle or cup. Our advanced system’s enlightened approach combines activated charcoal (carbon) with far-infrared ceramic, silica sand, and mineral-imbuing stone cartridges
Ceramic filter will last 1,000 gallons or 1 year; 5-Stage mineral filter will last 500 gallons or 6 months;The ceramic O ring is attached to the stem of the ceramic filter. The Magnetic nut is attached to the stem of the Magnetic Tap/Spout. Simply turn the ceramic filter upside down,the o-rings and the wing nut are attached to the stem to prevent the wing nut from scratching/damaging the surface of the ceramic
The Countertop system comes complete with: Micro-Ceramic Filter, 5-Stage Mineral Cartridge Filter, Maifan Mineral Stones and Magnetized Spigot. The System can be used with or without the base. Not recommended for use with microbiologically unsafe water. o-rings and wing nut are attached onto the stem of the ceramic filter.
Price: $119.95
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