YUEWO Water Distiller 2.6-13.2G New Jinbei Condenser Still Wine Making Kit Home Brewing Kit for DIY Whisky Wine Brandy Gin Vodka (20L/5.3G)

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Unique Condenser: This water distiller constructed with new Jinbei condenser, whose height is greater than its diameter to ensure a better cooling effect. The condensing coil is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, smooth and without welds, to ensure that the essential oil in the still does not remain. The total length of the six coil coils is about 2.5m, and the cooling area is 120,000 square millimeters.
Convenient Use: The moonshine still kit has a real-time thermometer on the lid, which is convenient for operators to easily check the temperature while running the still. Circulating water enters through lower inlet and drains from upper outlet for efficient cooling, distillation is more efficient and safer.
Sufficient Capacity: Our moonshine still owns 4 types: 10L/20L/30L/50L (2.6G/5.3G/7.9G/13.2G) able to distill raw material by heating to selectively boil and then cooling to condense the vapor, with two different installation methods, meet different distillation needs of customers.
Multipurpose Usage: Depending on your preference, you can make different kinds of things in the moonshine copper distiller, such as alcohol, ethanol, whiskey, distilled water, wine, essential oils, pure dew, etc. Thickened bottom allows all kinds of heating methods including gas stove, ceramic stoves, electric coil stoves, etc.
Price: $315.00
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