YUEWO DIY Home Alcohol Still Alembic Spirits Alcohol Essential Oil Water Distiller 304 Stainless Steel Wine Making Kit Oil Boiler with Water Pump (2.6Gallon/10L)

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This is Distillation Apparatus that is widely used in lab,home,wine produce industry.

Can be used to distill homemade essential oils
Peppermint Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Cypress Oil

Can be used to distill homemade Alcohol
For  beginners or expert distiller, perfect for distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy and refining plant extracts for medicinal purposes


  • 10L Litres : 9.8inch x9.8 inch / 25cm in diameter x 25cm in height 
  • 20L Litres : 11.8inch x11.8 inch /30cm in diameter x 30cm in height
  • Wine steaming time:1-2 hours
  • All the products are the same as the pictures showed (Not including heating source)
  • Including:Fermenter Pot , Cooling Pot, Thermometer,Silicone tube ( food-grade ) , Pump & etc.


  • Material: stainless steel 304
  • Cooling pipe material: Top grade red copper and stainless steel
  • Digital Thermometer, more accurate.
  • The container may be used as a fermentation tank
  • Adopt cooling technology four times
  • Copper ions have a catalytic effect, can decompose the odor
  • Washed with acidic substances, will not harm the brass itself and easy to clean
  • Essential oil, pure water, brandy, whiskey are distilled by the cooling of copper 

❤Distiller Capacity: 2.6Gallon/10 L; Material: 304 stainless steel.Fermentation tank size: 25cmx25cm/ 9.8inch x9.8 inch
❤Upgrade airway design:Thick airway with water seal, double-layer cooling system, much more easy to produce high degree alcohol.
❤Multipurpose Usage:Make your favorite drink like Bourbon,Tennessee Whiskey,Irish Whiskey,Scotch,Traditional Rum,Vodka
❤100% Quality Guarantee & Money Back:We are confident this home brewing kit will make your favorite wine taste better. Also,Incuded english guidance instruction & recipes.
Price: $285.00
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