YUEWO 4Gal/15Liters Gourd Design Still Water Distiller Wine Making Home Brewing Kit with Proofing Parrot for DIY Whisky Wine Brandy Gin Vodka

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Material: copper food safety grade copper 304 stainless steel heat resistant glass
Ejection speed: 2 – 2.4 L / h
Warm-up time: 20 – 40 minutes
Concentration adjustment: reduce heating power to increase concentration
The temperature of the liquid is 20 – 30 °C. It is cool to touch the liquid pipe by hand.
Volume: 15 liters (15 kg)
Product size: 45*35*75CM
Weight: about 12KG
Heating Method: real fire, induction cooker

Application: Suitable for all the world’s fruit wine brandy, white sugar fermented rum, juniper gin, height of pure vodka, single malt whisky. In addition, our products are used to distill glutinous rice to ferment Chinese white wine, and low temperature vacuum extracts pure dew.

1) After distillation, each component is removed in sequence.
2) Wash the surface of the part with water, especially the part of copper.
3) Dry the parts with a towel or a blower, especially the copper part.
4) The copper distillation effect is good, but it is easy to oxidize and discolor. Uniform oxidation has little effect on the appearance, but direct contact with the skin or residual moisture can cause the area to form a deep colored spot. For aesthetic reasons, please try to avoid direct skin contact.
Exquisite Moonshine Still: It is a sophisticated technology, beautiful shape small distillation equipment. High precision, high thickness, high durability professional still, excellent quality coexist with strong function, produce high-quality and pure dew.
Food Safety Grade Material: Pure Copper + 304 stainless steel + heat resistant glass, volume: 4Gal/15Liters, main functions: making various wine, distillation, pure dew, decorative ornaments, etc. More high quality liquid and high efficiency.
Gourd Design Distillation: The rising aromatic steam is scented by copper gourds, which can make the aromatic substances in the pure dew fuller and more fragrant flavor. Our distiller has pure copper buffer, which can purify most harmful impurities,maintain a pure environment for the distiller.
Wide Application: Depending on your preference, you can make different kinds of wine in this moonshine copper distiller, such as fruit wine, rice wine, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, medicinal health wine, etc. You can also use this distillation equipment to make hydrosol.
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