YUEWO 10L Brewery distiller Moonshine Still steamer essential oil machine Home Brewing anti-stick pot Wine Making 304 stainless steel volume

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Diameter 29CM bottom barrel height 17
Number of distillation
1?making wine: one can distill ten kilograms of grain fermented good materials, using rice as raw material, 5KG of grain can make 3.5KG of fifty degrees of white wine and two or three pounds of tail wine.
2, pure dew: 2.5-3kg of flowers can be placed at a time, the maximum amount of exposure can reach 5-6 liters Heating appliance: gas stove, induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, firewood
Distillation method: water-distillation or boiled distillation
Technical Parameters
1?the speed of wine: up to 3-3.5 kg per hour recommended gas stove, because the bottom pot is 304 stainless steel open flame heating efficiency is higher)
2?the speed of exposure: up to 2.5-3 kg per hour
3?wine temperature: about 25 ° C in summer, 15 ° C in winter
4?the exposed temperature: about 28 ° C in summer, 15 ° C in winter
Grain-fermentation-distillation Integration is more dexterous and simpler. Installation takes only a minute or two, unlike other devices that are extremely complex
The distiller has a huge condensation surface, which will be quickly condensed as soon as the steam is up, and then quickly exported, making wine faster.
The huge condensation of the distiller avoids the repeated distillation of harmful substances due to steam back pressure
Accessories include pumps, water pipes, tripods, steaming tablets, seals, gauze and measuring cups
can be heated by induction cooker, gas stove or electric ceramic stove, 0.75 kg of grain can brew 0.5L of wine
Price: $277.00
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