Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter – Artisanally Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal – Super Durable Sommelier’s Wine Carafe with Aerating Punt Design and Silicone Stopper Lid

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Vintorio Wine Accessories - Citadel DecanterVintorio Wine Accessories - Citadel Decanter

Vintorio Wine Accessories and GlasswareVintorio Wine Accessories and Glassware

At Vintorio, we believe that the wine drinking experience is exactly that, an experience. Wine is commonly referred to as the nectar of the gods and it is no accident that we have multiple words to describe wine lovers: oenophiles, aficionados, sommeliers, and even winos. We firmly believe that such a celebrated drink should be given the proper attention and treatment it deserves. Believe us when we say, we don’t mess with our wine.

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Timeless Design, Everlasting Brilliance – As a wine lover you need a decanter that is beautiful, practical, and durable, but a decanter is MORE than just an aerator or a decorative carafe… The Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter is crafted for experts and enthusiasts alike and is guaranteed to make your wine experience exceptional
Artisanally Blown Lead-free Crystal – We believe that decanters should be sturdy enough to stay with their masters for decades, and at the same time retain their luster and shine. That is why each Citadel Wine Decanter is individually hand blown with extra thick lead free crystal for maximum brilliance and durability
Aerate Your Wine Thoroughly With a Swirl – The Vintorio Citadel Decanter has a wide 8.5-inch diameter base with an inner aerator groove or “punt” which allows for a more engaging and interactive decanting experience. Perfect for a standard 750 ml bottle of wine and also helps separate sediment. Freely swirl and slosh your wine around to fully bring out your wine’s rich aroma and taste
Stylishly Designed for the Perfect Pour – The Citadel Decanter’s uniquely indented punt allows for a firm easy grip and stable pour by allowing the decanter to be held at the base near it’s center of gravity. Avoid the awkward pour! Every decanter also comes with a silicone cap to prevent dust settling inside your carafe during storage
Customers Come First – We stand firmly behind the quality of our glassware. If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us and we will make things right. Click the Add to Cart Button Now!
Price: $40.99
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