The Art Of Hosting Entertaining & Dining Protocol: In A Cosmopolitan City-State With Diverse Metropolis (1)

Doing business in Southeast Asia requires a vast experience and understanding in cultures, traditions and customs. This book provides significant details, sensitive issues and nuances on how to navigate your people relationship in Singapore, a country who is ranked number one in the region for its strong financial hub and excellent political business climate. If you wish to bridge the gaps between western and eastern cultures, this is definitely an excellent book as it demonstrates a variety of hosting, entertaining and dining protocol in a cosmopolitan city-state with diverse metropolis. The author, Agnes Koh has been a passionate advocate of etiquette and protocol for over a decade. She constantly exudes positive energy and radiates a sensible, pragmatic and realistic aura. Throughout the past years, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops and established strong, solid and long-term relationships with a diverse range of clients. Her commitment, service and qualities are reflected in the workshops she implements and in her life journey. Agnes holds a vast portfolio of senior management experiences. These include deluxe hotels and hospitality which spans across Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Event Management, Catering (MICE & Wedding), Tourism and Travel and theme restaurant chains. Her experience has allowed her to be acquainted with eminent political figures such as the late President Ong Teng Chong, the founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, as well as ministers of various portfolios and celebrities. Dining is a lifestyle nuances in Asia and many foreigners committed unprecedented faux pas when it comes to meeting the locals. With proper guidelines for social and dining etiquette shared by Agnes, you will gain huge insights, advantages and benefits. Some chapters’ highlights are:- Table Settings for Continental, American, Italian, Chinese and Afternoon Tea- Navigation of proper utensils- Seating protocol- Guest and Host rules- Hosting and entertaining in Chinese Culture- What to expect from a guest in the Chinese Banquet- Chinese table manners- Attending a Chinese wedding banquet- Chinese service protocol- Auspicious Meaning Behind Serving Chinese Dishes- Chinese traditions and customs- Wine Etiquette and toasting protocol- English afternoon tea and etiquette- The art of networking and mingling It is very important to remember that the rules of etiquette vary from country to country and can be culturally sensitive. Therefore, by understanding the etiquette and the cultural context that these rules come from, you can avoid any misunderstanding and offence.Individually you will gain self-confidence and self-esteem, upgrade your social skills, enhance your image, provide a competitive edge in today’s market and create potential opportunities for yourself in any social environment. In a corporate environment, proper etiquette can enhance your company profile amongst industry peers, improve your professional skills, foster dignity and respect in the workplace and improve both internal and external relations.Think of it as a “how to” guide in navigating life. As they say, protocol and etiquette can transform a man into a gentleman and a woman into a lady.

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