Stove Burner Covers – Gas Range Protectors Countertop Accessories for Kitchen Reusable, Customizable, Non Stick, Dishwasher Safe, Heat Resistant Stovetop Guard 8 Pack with Silicone Oil Brush

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Do you feel uncomfortable to clean the water that you boil while cooking pasta , spill a jar of maple syrup , dripping sauces , burnt food particles and greasy oils splatters on your stove ?

The solution to this is simple ; Gifty Gifty Shop Reusable , Dishwasher Safe Stove Burner Covers will keep your stovetop shiny and changes your kitchen into a more functional,elegant and clean place.

Stove Burner Cover has a non-stick surface and high temperature resistance, made of
Premium 0,2 MM Thickness TEFLON / PTFE Coating Fiberglass. When you’re ready to clean up, simply wipe the liners down with a wet sponge or place them directly into your dishwasher. Clean up couldn’t be any easier.


• Non-stick gas range protectors keep your stovetop clean.
• The hole must be trimmed with scissors to fit your gas stove properly, please cut the hole of covers at least 0.5 inch away from the flame on the highest setting
• Stove Burner Covers sized 10.6” x 10.6”
• Heat-resisting,safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
• DO NOT directly contact these stove burner covers with flame,they are NOT FIRE PROOF.


Step 1 Measure your size carefully and mark with a pen
Step 2 Use your scissors to pre-cut inner circle and customize the size of your stove covers.
Step 3 Take off the stove accessories and lay down your cover
Step 4 Reassemble the stove gas range accessories
Note: You can find detailed instructions in your package.

RECEIEVE A BUNDLE GIFT! Along with this 8 pack gas stove covers set you will also get 1 piece silicone oil brush that can be used to spread oil equaly to all over your foods.
[ PROTECT YOUR STOVE AND ALSO KEEP IT CLEAN ] Stove Burner Covers are a must because it protects your burner from dirt and dust that may fall over it when you use. It also preserves the overall look of your stove burner so that it will not get any scratches.They are used solely to cover bottom of your burners. Finally , you are doing your range a big favor.
[ DURABLE ] Upgrated 0,20 MM Double Thickness is scratch resistant surfaces, makes them Non-Stick and Reusable.Stove Covers made of Eco Friendly infused material that is PFOA & BPA Free , SGS Certified TEFLON PTFE Coated Fiberglass.Thickness allow them to sit securely on the surface of your stove range in a fixed position and allows you to easily cut and custom them to your gas stove range.
[ CUSTOMIZE & APPLY ] Cut your Stove Burner Cover with scissors to fit your gas range and put them on. The product can be Customizable for every stove.No more scrubbing of stubborn stains . With this gas stove protectors you can now cook without the worry of needing to scrape or scrub, saving your time.You can find the instructions for making your size suitable for your gas stove are included in our package.
[ REUSABLE & HEAT RESISTANT ] Gas Stove Burner Covers fulfill the highest demands for hygiene, you can clean them with soapy sponge cloths and also they are dishwasher safe.As well as being heat resistant up to over 500 F°.The original physical form will not be deformed ( smell , burn or curl ) even with extreme heat, but they will be burn if touched by direct to the flame because they are NOT %100 fireproof.
[ COOL DESIGN FOR KITCHEN WITH A GIFT ] If you love black, you want your kitchen to look elegant and relaxing. Black is a tranquil color and can help you reflect on your life. Also, when you buy 8 PACK black stove burner covers, you RECEIVE A BUNDLE GIFT green silicone oil brush,which you can spread oil all over your food.
Price: $8.50
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