SNOWFOX Elegance Collection Insulated Stainless Steel Old Fashioned/Whiskey Glasses, Whiskey Rocks Glasses, Set of 2, White/Gold

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Whether you prefer negroni or whiskey neat, this stainless-steel Rocks Glass will maintain the temperature and great taste of your favorite cocktail or beverage. Elegant and sleek, it’s super-light and easy to hold compared to typical heavy cocktail glasses and bulky insulated tumblers. Shatterproof and sweatproof, they are a versatile alternative to everyday glass tumblers since they are safe to use indoors and outside.
PREMIUM INSULATION: Made of the highest quality food grade stainless steel, these elegant rocks glasses keep your spirits at the right temperature and minimizes ice melt.
BETTER THAN GLASS: Lightweight and unbreakable they are designed with a thin rim like fine crystal to maximize the flavor of your spirit and to create a more enjoyable cocktail drinking experience.
ENTERTAIN IN STYLE: The design is elegant, comfortable in the hand, with plenty of room for XL ice cubes while not being as bulky as typical rocks glasses or steel tumblers. It’s a classy look that is suitable for entertaining while also safe to use outside.
BUILT IN COASTER: Your cocktails stay cold but there is never any condensation on the outside of the glass so hands and coffee tables stay warm and dry. Once you experience ‘sweat free’ you’ll never want to hold a cold, wet cocktail glass again!
VERSATILE AND FUN: While we made this glass for whiskey lovers, it is also a great all-purpose drinking glass. Iced drinks stay cold for hours and they are great for wine too. Pair with a travel lid for roadies or for keeping your morning coffee hot.
Price: $34.81
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