shijie 6 piece colorful designer stainless steel chef’s kitchen knife set-colorful stainless steel knife kitchen accessory set, sharp kitchen knife set with gift box-kitchen anti-rust knife

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Sharp and durable – The chef’s knife is very sharp. Each knife is made of hand-forged high-carbon steel. The blade has been specially processed to maintain its sharpness even in frequent daily use. The tool set is durable and the blade will not rust, corrode or change color. Double non-stick design-Color oxidation technology can form a delicate and smooth black oxide film, which can prevent food from sticking to it. Non-slip handle – The handle is made of rubber and high-quality plastic materials, strong and durable. It is comfortable and safe to wear, can ensure a firm grip, and has a high-end appearance.
Health and safety: knife set High hardness, no chemical reaction with other foods, so that your food maintains the original taste, color, freshness and nutrition.
Ergonomic design and lightness: The ergonomic handle design is adopted, which is comfortable to hold and easy to hold. Easy to carry and store, allowing you to enjoy the fun of cooking. In addition, knife set it is very sharp and can cut anything easily.
Easy to clean: keep your food original. knife set Just rinse quickly and wipe with a kitchen towel.
No rust: Everything in the knife set is very sharp, will never rust, will not absorb oil, smell or salt, and is easy to clean.
Ideal gift choice: The kitchen knife set is well-designed and of high quality. This knife set is an ideal gift for parents, lovers, friends and those who just cook for birthdays, important holidays or just cooking souvenirs in daily life.
Price: $22.98
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