Ronco Cutlery Knife Accessories (Saw Knife)

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In order to cook like a pro, you need the proper tools like the Ronco Saw Knife #6. This knife is designed to easily saw through a variety of foods like packaged frozen foods or small bones. Plus, it’s even get for other uses, like out in the garden! The knife features a comfortable handle grip and saw design that’s easy to use! Simply bear down slightly on the knife and then go back and forth in a “sawing” motion with a steady pressure. It’s that simple. The knife measures 14.375 inches in length and is perfectly balanced for fine control. A full stainless steel tang and triple riveting provide durability and strength, while the impact-resistant white handle offers a gorgeous look.

Easily saw through packaged frozen foods, small bones, etc.
Knife is perfectly balanced for fine control while you cut, Features a comfortable handle grip with saw design
Features an overall length of 7.75 inches (including handle)
Features a full stainless steel tang for durability and is triple riveted for strength
Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
Price: $17.99
(as of Feb 08,2022 16:41:31 UTC – Details)