Replacement Filters for Crewelter 9 Alkaline Water Ionizer Set of 2 Filters

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Crewelter 9 Plate Water Ionizer contains a 1st Filter and a 2nd Filter.The 1st Filter contains: 1 Sediment Layer, 1 Activated Carbon Layer, and 2 High Density Sediment Layers The 2nd Filter contains: 3 High Density Sediment Layers, 2 Activated Carbon Layers, and 1 Calcium Ball Ceramic Layer. Both filters work to not only remove harmful pollutants and dangerous toxins from your regular tap water but they also infuse it with antioxidants, minerals, and energy, converting it into delicious and healthy alkaline drinking water. For best results with any new filters, allow water to circulate through the ionizer for about 60 seconds prior to consumption.
1st FILTER contains Sediment Layer Activated Carbon Layer and 2 High Density Sediment Layers to remove impurities and toxins
2nd FILTER has 3 High Density Sediment Layers 2 Activated Carbon Layers 1 Calcium Ball Ceramic Layer to remove harmful impurities
1st Filter recommended to be replaced every 6 months or 880 gallons
2nd Filter recommended to be replaced every 12 months or 1760 gallons
Crewelter 9 has digital monitors filter life and will notify you when it’s time to replace the filter
Price: $169.00
(as of Mar 15,2022 03:23:40 UTC – Details)