ONIPU Cheese Knives with Wood Handle Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer Cheese Cutter Cheese Fork, 6-Piece Cheese Spreading Knife Sets for Charcuterie Boards, Cutlery Gift Set (6-wood handle cheese knives)

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Product Description

ONIPU Cheese KnivesONIPU Cheese Knives

ONIPU Cheese & Knife Set ~ Contemporary Performance Meets Classic Design

ONIPU Cheese Knife Set adopts a modern design for serving, cutting, slicing, shaving and spreading various hard and soft cheeses; it is an elegant companion of the dining series, and its casual versatility makes it an ideal choice for any occasion.

ONIPU Cheese Knife Set meets your latest (and most precious) requirements for tableware and entertainment products. This modern gourmet cheese knife set can perfectly match any setting, decoration and occasion; when you bring this amazing set to a beautiful dinner, light meal, wine tasting or backyard barbecue, you will be the highlight of the party .

cheese knives

cheese knives

cheese knives

cheese knives

cheese knives

cheese knives

Advanced acacia wood material

The handle is made of acacia wood, which is of solid wood type, with hard texture and good texture. It is a good material for making wooden tableware.

Much better than bamboo products

The quality of the handle made of acacia wood is much better than that of bamboo. The handle made of bamboo is prone to thorns, and it is easy to be damaged and injured when it reaches the hand.

Decorate your party

The perfect acacia wooden cheese knife, brilliant for any occasion.Decorate your Birthday And Parties, Hostess Host Gift, House Warming Party, Wedding Anniversary

cheese knivescheese knives

Perfect Gift – Exquisite Packaging Box

Our professional every occasion cheese knife set furnished in a stunning gift box.You can write your sincere wishes on the gift box.The perfect centerpiece for any dinner party and a great gift for any cheese lovers!Suitable for both cutting and serving – the perfect centrepiece for parties and entertainment.Impress and wow guests with these elegant appetizer charcuterie knife set or gift them for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or birthday.

cheese knivescheese knives

Suitable for Various Foods & Cutting Various Cheeses

This perfect high-quality cheese knife set includes bladed knife, Parmesan knife, fine knife, flat knife, serving fork and cheese spreader.Comfortable polished wooden handle-perfect for your hands.The blade is sharp, you can cut, scrape, cut, serve or spread all kinds of cheese you like, and enjoy its full and luxurious service.

cheese knivecheese knive

ONIPU Complete 6-piece Cheese Knife

Multifunction knife: used to cut and slice various soft cheeses, such as Brie cheese and hard cheese. The tip of its fork can also be used to make cheese.

Fine knife: used to cut semi-hard cheeses, such as jack or cheddar cheese, and soft cheeses, such as brie.

Parmesan knife-dynamic universal knife: very suitable for cutting hard cheese like Parmesan into small pieces.

Serving fork: used to serve guests, or to hold harder, harder cheese when sliced.

Flat knife: shredded fragile soft cheese, or shaving, shavings and cubes of hard cheese, such as Parmesan, Emmental, Asiago and Cheddar.

Sreading knife: used to evenly sprinkle soft cheese or shredded cheese on biscuits and other incidental foods.

[Elegant Cheese Knife] This cheese knife is made of professional specifications stainless steel and acacia wood handle, it is the perfect accessory for cheese lovers in your life! These cheese knife sets can hold, cut, clamp, shave, slice, spread and serve all your favorite cheeses.
[Complete 6-piece set series] Cheese knife set includes 1 long knife for cutting hard cheese, semi-hard cheese and soft cheese, 1 thin knife, 1 heart knife, 1 chisel; used to pick up cheese 1 serving fork and knife; 1 spatula used to evenly sprinkle soft cheese or shredded cheese on biscuits and other miscellaneous foods.
[Exquisite design] Each cheese knife is suitable for hard, soft, shredded cheese and fork-shaped cheese; the light but strong knives are very beautiful and can be displayed as service knives at parties-very suitable for weddings, newlyweds, Gifts for bridal showers, housewarming parties, birthdays, Christmas and holidays.
[Easy to clean and carry] Each cheese knife is small and exquisite, easy to place and store, even if you travel and camp, it is easy to carry in the bag, and easy to clean. It does not need to be cleaned in the dishwasher. You can wipe them with a cleaning cloth and dry them. In addition, we also provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day unconditional return policy, please rest assured to buy!
[Perfect gift] Show off your beautiful cheese knife during a light meal on the weekend or barbecue in the backyard. It will leave a deep impression on the guests and become the new favorite of all parties. And this elegant appetizer set comes with an exquisite gift box, which is also suitable for weddings, bridal baptisms, housewarming banquets, birthday parties and other forms of weddings and gifts.
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