OMAIA BBQ and Picnic Caddy with Paper Towel Holder, Wood Handle & 2 Hooks – Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor – Plates, Cutlery and Condiment Bottles Organizer for Grill, RV – US Patent Pending

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Product Description

Omaia Multifunctional CaddyOmaia Multifunctional Caddy

buffet caddy for plates, utensils, napkinsbuffet caddy for plates, utensils, napkins


We all love an item that can be used for many different things. It’s like solving several problems with just a single purchase. That is the type of versatility our caddy aims to provide everyone. From the small round feet up to the wooden handle, every inch of this caddy is designed and built with your comfort and convenience in mind. So, if you are wondering “What type of caddy is this?”, our answer is “Anything you need it to be.”

The Multifunctional Caddy by OMAIA is an organizing tool you can’t live without!

Cleaning supplies caddyCleaning supplies caddy


Do you often find yourself running back and forth to get everything you need where you need them? Not only will this process drain your energy, it will compromise your productivity, too. Our caddy helps you gather everything you need in one go. This way, you can spend your time and energy accomplishing your tasks, not preparing for them. And when you are all done, this all-around caddy will make cleanup a lot easier, too.

condiment holder picnic caddycondiment holder picnic caddy


A side from using it as a carrier for all the things you need, our black steel caddy is also ideal for storage. Use it to hold your skincare products on the vanity table. Organize bath and shower supplies on the counter. Sort your tools or cutlery in the different compartments. Whatever it is you need to sort or store, our caddy will make sure that you won’t have to dig into a drawer full of bottles, tubes, or jars.

caddy for cleaning products camping bbq accessoriescaddy for cleaning products camping bbq accessories


Not only will clutter make your home look disorganized, it can affect stress levels and focus, too. Our multi-use caddy can help you tidy up your surroundings without making you tired to the bone. Carry it around the house, using it to hold all the misplaced items in your path. You can leave it in the caddy until next use or slowly put those things back in their rightful places. Even kids and teens will enjoy cleaning up with this handy organizing basket!


cleaning caddy organizer buffet caddy for plates, utensils, napkins

cleaning caddy organizer buffet caddy for plates, utensils, napkins

grill bbq utensil holder

grill bbq utensil holder

RV condiment caddy

RV condiment caddy


Outdoor dining is a must for almost every family. It is a fun way for relatives and friends to gather, too. Our caddy can contribute to barbecue parties and picnics by holding everything you need outdoors so you won’t have to keep going in and out of the kitchen.

It is perfect for holding disposable dinnerware, condiments, BBQ or grilling utensils, and even table napkins.


Creating crafts and making art are both relaxing and enjoyable. But if you need to exhaustingly prep and clean up every single time, it might as well be a chore.

Keep your materials, crafting tools, and supplies together with our caddy. The compartments can fit paintbrushes, tubes of paint, crayons, pens, yarns, jars of beads, sewing threads, and any other item you need for your masterful creations!


Our multipurpose caddy is not just for home use. It can also be beneficial for businesses and commercial establishments.

It has a decorative aesthetic that makes it presentable enough for serving customers their drinks, setting up dining tables, or for servers to go around offering condiments to diners.

This caddy is also perfect for buffet tables, bars, parties, and special events.

The Ultimate Organizers Assistant – Keeping your home neat and tidy can be challenging. Use this storage caddy to collect scattered items and carry them with ease to where they belong.
Holds Anything & Everything – With 6 compartments, 2 hooks, and a paper towel holder, you can use this as a silverware caddy, a picnic caddy, a condiment caddy, or a grill caddy, outdoor kitchen accessories!
Stylish & Decorative – The wooden handle and black metal tray with mesh walls give a rustic and antique vibe. Even the swirly tissue holder and round feet under the basket are a work of art.
Sturdy & Durable – The heavy-duty steel frame of the entire utensil caddy is coated to help protect it from damage. It won’t easily bend, warp, or break. Perfect for indoor, outdoor and camping rv use.
Convenience & Peace Of Mind – Whether you use this as a countertop or paper plate caddy or a carrying cart for all your essentials, we guarantee organization that will make your everyday tasks easy.
Organizing should make your life easier, not more complicated. Our caddy is designed to hold and store different types of items.
Find Things Faster – Aside from using it as a carrier for all the things you need, our black steel caddy is also ideal for party.
Price: $39.45
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