Nostalgia Extra Large Diner-Style Steamer, 20 Hot Dogs and 6 Bun Capacity, Perfect for Breakfast Sausages, Brats, Vegetables, Fish-Aqua

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Great for family gatherings and parties, steam hot dogs and buns to delicious perfection in minutes! It features a steaming drawer that holds up to 20-hot dogs at a time, while the bun warming tray holds up to 6-buns at a time. A three-position cooking dial and easy-view water level indicator window makes it easy to find the perfect temperature and ensures the right amount of water every time. The unit disassembles for easy cleaning, while a hidden cord wrap allows for tidy storage.
Great style & great taste: diner-style hot dog steamer cooks up to 20 Hot Dogs at a time, and can steam breakfast sausages, bratwursts, vegetables, fish, dumplings and more!
Bun warming tray: The bun warmer holds up to 6 buns at a time, keeping them warm and ready to enjoy
Easy-to-use: 3-position cooking dial (high, Warm and off) makes cooking effortless – simply add water, put the cover on and turn to high and steamed hot dogs ready will be ready in 15-20 minutes!
Water level window: The easy-view water level window ensures the right amount of water is poured. Feel free to steam meats with beer and other beverages for added great flavor!
Easy-to-clean: The unit is easy to disassemble, making clean up a breeze
Other features: on the bottom of the unit there is a hidden cord storage, allowing for tidy storage while the cool-touch handles keep hands safe from burns
Price: $49.99
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