Ninja Replacement Blade,Nutri Ninja Blade for Nutri Ninja Blender Auto iQ Blade BL482 BL642 NN102 BL682 BL2013 (7 Fins)

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Blender replacement parts for Nutri Ninja is a perfect mold without leaking, easy installation, unique design high quality environmentally friendly product.

Product Specifications:
Item Type: Blender Replacement Parts for Nutri Ninja
Amount of Fins: 7 Fins
Blade Material: Food Grade Plastic and Stainless Steel
Blade Shape: Cross Blade
Blade Weight: 165 g
Dimensions: 4 in (diameter) x 3.44 in (height)
Diameter: 4 in / 10CM

Package Included:
1 x Ninja Blender Replacement Parts
2 x Gasket Rubber
Fit blenders models for Nutri Ninja:
(1) For Nutri Ninja Pro BL450-30/BL456-30/BL451-30/BL454-30.
(2) For Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ BL480-30/BL480D-30/BL481-30/BL482-30/BL490-30/BL681A-30/BL682-30/BL642W/BL682.
(3) For Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete BL487-30/BL488W-30/BL487A-30/BL486CO-30.
(4) For Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System BL491-30/BL492-30/BL492W-30.

Not fit for BL660, BL663, BL740, BL770, BL771,BL773CO, BL780, BL780,BL820,BL830,BL450,BL451-70,BL454-70,BL482-70. Please check your model carefully before purchasing.

Important Tips:
1: The rubber gasket in bottom blade maybe loosened during transportation. Before using the bottom blade, please check the rubber gasket and be sure it is put snugly into the replacement bottom blade.
2: Please TAKE OFF the PRE-INSTALLED GASKET in the bottom blade, if you’re going to use this replacement gasket.
3. Do not overfill! To avoid spilling, do not add ingredients past the “Max” fill line.
4. Place the replacement blade onto the cup and screw it tightly until you have a good seal.
5. Please make sure it in right place and locked tightly.
6. Do not run your blender over 4 minutes at a time to prevent overheating of the blender.
COMPATIBILITY: 7 fins Nutri Ninja Blade for Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL2012,BL2013,BL480,BL480D,BL481,BL482-30,BL486CO,BL487,BL487A,BL488W,BL490,BL491,BL492,BL492W,BL640,BL641,BL642, BL642W, BL642Z,BL680A,BL682,NN100,NN100A,NN101,NN102,BL2012.
NON-COMPATIBLE: Does not fit this models BL450-30,BL451-30,BL454-30,BL455-30 1000W,BL480-30,BL480W-30,BL481-30,BL482-30,BL483-30,BL484-30 16oz CUPS bl770,bl771.
Nutri Ninja Replacement Parts: Pro extractor replacement blade by best potok. Make your Juicer Reuse again and perfect for all your blending and mixing needs, effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture.
High-Quality Materials: The replacement blades for Nutri Ninja is made of food-grade BPA Free plastic and stainless steel, brings qualified anti-corrosion performance. Perfectly compatible with the Ninja blender, no leakage.
Well Loaded And Easily Removed: Just replace your bad blade and juicer can be reused. Please kindly make sure placed tightly and not misplaced or locked, if it is locked or misplaced, please remove the blade and place it again with the ring.
Price: $14.99
(as of Mar 27,2022 10:23:13 UTC – Details)