Nifty Appliance Rolling Drawer – White Open Mesh, Office or Home Kitchen Counter Organizer, Non-Slip Mat Top for Coffee Maker, Stand Mixer, Blender, Toaster

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Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel on Kitchen CounterNifty Coffee Pod Carousel on Kitchen Counter

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APPLIANCE STORAGE: This appliance drawer is built to store your coffee makers, stand mixer, blender, and other small countertop appliances directly on top of it. The drawer underneath can hold coffee pods or additional accessories for cooking.
ROLLING DRAWER: The integrated rolling system makes it easier when the drawer and appliances are under an upper cabinet. Simply press the lever for the drawer to move forward and back when you can’t utilize your kitchen appliances accordingly.
KITCHEN ORGANIZER: The functional and hassle-free style with a black finish will fit perfectly into your kitchen at home or at the office. It takes up a small amount of counter space and will keep everything in one spot instead of cluttering cabinets.
DIMENSIONS: This convenient home appliance drawer has a non-slip mat top and built-in braking mechanism to provide additional safety for your tools. The usable surface dimensions have a length of 14.25 inches and width of 9.75 inches and and height of 3.25 inches.
HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT: Nifty Solutions will solve your kitchen dilemma’s with high-quality and practical products. Keeping design in mind for your home, this kitchen accessory is made to last, hard to break, and easy to clean.
Price: $22.99
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