NELE Home Kitchen Gadgets Set 6 Pieces, Space Saving Kitchen Utensils/Kitchen Tools, Cheese/Chocolate Grater, Herb Stripper, Fruit/Vegetable Peeler, Garlic/Ginger Grinder, Bottle Opener, Pizza Cutter

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Fancier Meals In Small Spaces.
Camp cookware for backpacking or your camper, motorhome, bugout bag, tent, and trailer, and kitchen tools for those who endure tiny kitchenettes with tiny drawers at home all have one obvious thing in common.
 It needs to be collapsible, nesting or compact.
And if you’re someone who needs a fix of hash browns everywhere they go, it may even need to be small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag!
But while things need to be compact, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat fancy!
So while other mini gadget sets don’t give you leaf herb strippers, we do! It’s a useful utensil to have for fancier meals in small spaces. Essential, even!
And now, instead of being miles away from a fancier small-space meal, you’re ‘nele’ home!
NELE Home – 6 Piece, Portable Kitchen Accessories Set.

  • 1x Peeler: Apple, orange, carrot, potato peelers – swivel veggie peeler
  • 1x Zester: For orange, nutmeg, parmesan and lemon zesters
  • 1x Herb Shredder: For shredded fresh herbs of different sizes. With tapered edge chopping knife
  • 1x Grater: Graters for ginger, garlic, cheese and chocolate
  • 1x Beer Bottle Opener: For all sized bottles
  • 1x Pizza Cutter: for pizzas and flatbread

Gift The Gift of Fancier Meals in Small Spaces!
They nest neatly, making them equipment essentials for small kitchens without sacrificing space or function, and handy gifts for the rv owner, glamping food lovers or a new housewarming gift!
Now, you won’t always have a dishwasher handy, but if you did, it’s nice to know these strong, hard, corrosion resistant 430 stainless steel cutters and graters are dishwasher safe with BPA free plastic handles. So, why not try them now, in and out of your home – from NELE Home.
6 Piece Set Includes: (1) Cheese Grater also for vegetables and chocolate, (1) Zester for Garlic, Ginger or Citrus Zest, (1) Pizza Cutter Wheel, also for flatbread, (1) Bottle Opener for bottles of all sizes, (1) Vegetable Peeler, also doubles as a fruit peeler and (1) Herb Stripper Tool
The Only Mini-Set That Lets You Deal With Fancy Things! You may be camping, living in an RV or enduring a small kitchen at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fancy. That’s why we added a mini herb stripper for large leaves like greens and collards etc, and small woody herbs like rosemary or thyme
Perfect Little Nesters. This cute little kitchen set lays flat for small spaces and nests neatly on your kitchen countertop. You can also add your own keychain to our cooking gadgets (*keychain not included). Durable and lightweight they fit into any small space cooking vibe or drawer
While you may not always have a dishwasher handy, when you do it’s nice to know these strong, hard, corrosion resistant 430 stainless steel tools are Dishwasher Safe. Rust proof kitchen tools that become foodie survival tools out in the wilderness, or around a small home
Space saving, cute and a way to bring ‘fancy’ back to ‘small kitchen’ meals. And of course they make cute gifts or stocking stuffer gifts for campers, RV owners and small apartment owners! Affordable enough to have a set everywhere you cook! Try them now, in and out of your home – from NELE Home
Price: $14.99
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