Nаturаl Оdоrless Аir Activаted Наnd Wаrmers

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No Active Ingredients
SAFE, NATURAL LONG-LASTING HEAT – Odorless, Disposable, Single-Use Item, Do Not Apply Directly to The Skin. TSA Approved. Made in the USA using domestic and imported materials. No shaking or kneading required
TO ACTIVATE – Remove warmer from outer package, shake to activate. Warmer heats up in 15-30 minutes. If heat decreases, expose warmer to air and shake. After use, dispose with regular garbage. Ingredients will not harm the environment.
MULTIPURPOSE WARMERS – Single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. They’re available in several styles designed for your hands, feet, and body.
WHEN TO USE: Tailgating at Events, Outdoor Sporting Events, Hunting & Fishing, Camping & Hiking, Working in The Yard, Jogging or Taking Your Pet for A Walk. Convenient, Compact, Portable.
Price: $39.99 - $24.64
(as of Mar 08,2022 23:23:13 UTC – Details)