MRbrew 3-Piece Airlock, 5 Set Fermentation Airlock Kit with Mason Jar Grommet & Carboy Jug Bottle Bucket #6 Drilled Silicone Stopper, Home Brewing Preservation Airlock

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MRbrew 3-Piece Fermentation Brewing Airlock, The Most Clever Design Ever Made
Airlock works for your fermentation jug like a bouncer for dust
The airlock silicone stopper & grommet are smooth and easy to clean
Great for home brewing in gallon jugs, work perfectly with no overflow
Nice compact unit, easy to disassemble for cleaning and assemble again for use
Easy to monitor fermentation, great for canning jar fermenting & DIY fermentation buckets
Letting the gas out while the you are fermenting, the water stops any unwanted dust from getting in

Why You Need This Airlock for Fermentation?
This airlock will bubble away venting CO2 and keeping oxygen and dust out, then create an oxygen-free fermentation environment for lacto-fermentation process, prevent the fermenting items going bad

Use Tips
1. Remove the cap, fill the half of the air lock with the water
2. Put the cap back on and attach the rim tip of the airlock to silicone grommet/stopper
3. Insert the airlock into the mason jar lid/bucket lid/carboy lid
4. The bubbles are formed, then escape through the water in the airlock, gas is released

Kind Note
DO NOT boil the airlocks for clean, otherwise they will be deformed drastically, just buy some cleaning solution
Make sure to dry inner rim of jug before placing your stopper, otherwise they will pop out under wet environment
You have to watch the fermenting process carefully to make sure that airlock water level doesn’t evaporate too low

5* 3-Piece Airlocks
5* Silicone Grommet
5* Silicone Plug Stopper
【Oxygen-Free Ferment & Keep Dust Away】Make sure the neck of vessel and the stopper are dry, the silicone stopper will grip the jug mouth firmly guaranteeing secure connections with the vessel, the grommet will provide perfect sealing for you Mason fermenting jar. This brewing airlock will hold fermenting fluid for days without drying out, will bubble away venting CO2 and keeping oxygen and dust out, create a great fermentation environment for your brewing.
【Can Disassemble to Clean & Not Fragile】This 3-piece airlock is made of quality plastic that has anti-breaking characteristic, features a longer life than other brand’s hard acrylic plastic airlocks which will crack under slight pressure. Healthy silicone grommet/stopper won’t produce bad smell. Compared to S-type double bubble airlocks, 3-piece airlock can be taken apart & is large enough to insert a brush in interior for cleaning, easier to fill/reuse, will not be plugged with plastic residue!
【Bombproof Mason Grommet & Carboy Jug Stopper】This fermentation airlock kit allows you to brew in Carboy & Mason jar simultaneously. Drill a 3/8 hole in Mason jar lid and squeeze the grommet in. The #6 size silicone stopper fits Carboy perfectly, dry out stopper and the inside neck of jug to prevent slipping. This airlock lets you be able to account for the inevitable foam from aerating and fermenting your brewing items by leaving enough headroom, gives your brew the protection it deserves.
【Economical Fermenting Way to Go】When you need more than a couple of brewing airlocks, this is a cost-effective kit for you, quality is the same at the local shop sells but these airlocks is at one quarter the price of local store airlocks. Not having to buy the plug stopper/grommet separately is a time and money saver, drilling a hole to insert the grommet into the jar by yourself also can cut your brewing cost.
【A Perfect Airlock for Fermenting】You can use these airlocks for fermenting a small batch of pineapple/peppers/watermelon/fermented salsa, etc. You can also use this airlock on a carboy to brew a batch of essential microbes for your organic orchard and gardens! Please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied, we will unconditionally solve for you!
Price: $14.99
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