Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler and Filter

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Product Description

Little Luxury, water cooler, water dispenser, water filter, filtration, mini, hydrate, filteredLittle Luxury, water cooler, water dispenser, water filter, filtration, mini, hydrate, filtered

The Little Luxury water cooler is a revolutionary filtration and cooling system. Quench your thirst anytime and anywhere with great-tasting, premium filtered water from the Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler and Filters. Our filters use superior highly absorbent carbon and resin ion. The easy to replace filters are made from food-grade materials. The Vitality filter medium is NSF, SGS and WQA. They remove most common contaminants and impurities that one would want removed from regular faucet / municipal water. Replacing the filter is as easy as 1,2,3! The Vitality Filter is a proven robust replaceable water filter cartridge that assists in removing impurities such as heavy metals, fluoride and contaminants commonly found in city / municipal faucet water. The filter is made in such a way that the water passes through the filter medium, unlike other similar filters where it causes a vortex and only filters through partially.

This premium filter turns regular faucet water into great-tasting, crisp, thirst-quenching filtered water using our proprietary high-quality filters.

The Vitality Filter has a USA patented design with a feather edge and silicone seal ensuring no water can pass without being filtered.The Vitality Mini Water Cooler filters and cools your water, saves you money, is easy to use and easy to carry, is a compact small appliance and makes ice-cold, filtered water!It is recommended that the Vitality Filter be replaced every month for optimum filtration, but it can last for up to 3 months. Please refer to the user manual.

water cooler, compact, convenient, small, appliance, little luxury, water filter, desktopwater cooler, compact, convenient, small, appliance, little luxury, water filter, desktop

Cools AND Filters Your Water!

The revolutionary Vitality Mini Water Cooler uses regular faucet / municipal water and turns it into ice-cold, filtered water for your enjoyment! A glass of refreshing water is simply an arm’s reach away!

little luxury, filtered water, fresh, healthy, kitchen, new, fruit, appliance, tabletoplittle luxury, filtered water, fresh, healthy, kitchen, new, fruit, appliance, tabletop

Can be Placed Anywhere in the Home or Office!

The Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler is compact enough to place anywhere for your convenience. The unit with the bottle measures 24 inches high, allowing the cooler to fit onto counters and tabletops. Your Little Luxury can be placed in your bedroom, your home bar, home gym, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dorm room, children’s room, and much more. If you wish to drink your water at room temperature, you can click off the switch at the back of the unit or unplug the unit. The dispensed water will be filtered and at room temperature.

water bottle, BPA-free, refillable, little luxury, faucetwater bottle, BPA-free, refillable, little luxury, faucet

Includes a Refillable Bottle and Vitality Filter Cartridge!

With the Little Luxury, no heavy water bottles are required. Simply fill the 1.8-gallon BPA-Free plastic water bottle with regular municipal faucet water. This will save you hundreds of dollars on bottled water and will help save our planet by reducing plastic bottle waste.

The Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Filter Cartridge is found inside the unit underneath the bottle. It is recommended that the filter be soaked in water for 24 hours or rinsed under running water for about 60 seconds, shaking gently. The feathered edge design of this filter does not allow any unfiltered water to pass through and removes most harmful contaminants from your faucet water – leaving you with clean, healthy and great-tasting water! It is recommended that the filter be replaced every 1-2 months depending on the frequency of use and the amount of people using the cooler.

filter, water, faucet, vitality, water coolerfilter, water, faucet, vitality, water cooler

Easy to Use and Super Convenient!

The Little Luxury unit is nothing like a large industrial water cooler. The Little Luxury can be taken on holiday with you, is easy to set up and encourages you to drink more water. To start setting your unit up, follow these steps:

1. Rinse the filter under running water or soak in water for a few hours or overnight.

2. Place the filter inside the unit and fill the bottle with regular faucet water. Place the bottle inverted on top of the unit and filter.

Plug the unit in and click the switch at the back of the unit to turn it on.

3. Wait a few hours for the water to filter through the unit. The level of water will drop from the bottle as water is moving into the reservoir of the unit.

4. Dispense a glass of water for ice-cold, great-tasting enjoyment or use the water for your pets to drink, for cooking and for washing your fruits and vegetables.

5. Clean the inside of the bottle and the reservoir of the unit at least once a month with mild dish-washing soap and a cloth.

flowers, little luxury, water cooler, convenient, recipes, qualityflowers, little luxury, water cooler, convenient, recipes, quality

High Quality Small Appliance

With the Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler by your side, drinking more water is easy! The Vitality filters are made of high-quality food-grade material and ensure the water moves through all the filter medium and not a vortex like most filters on the market. The Unit includes a user manual, a Vitality cap with a spill-free mechanism for the bottle and a rubber plug which fits underneath the cooler and can be unplugged when you want to drain the water cooler. The filtered water from Little Luxury can be used to make delicious smoothies, fresh juices or jugs of flavored water – simply ad cucumber, lemon or mint for a great twist of flavor!

Filters and Cools Regular Tap Water
Easy to use – dispenses 3 glasses of ice-cold filtered water one after another
Compact – can fit anywhere, next to your bed, on your desk, bar, in your child’s room or kitchen
Convenient – perfect for anybody, anywhere, no heavy bottles to carry, easy to replace filters and save money on bottled water!
Price: $129.99
(as of Jan 07,2022 22:41:16 UTC – Details)