Kitchen Knives Set, High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Set 7PCS, Super Sharp Cutlery Knife Set with Clear Acrylic Stand, Knife Block Set (Pink)

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Product Description


WopZra Kitchen Knives Set– 7 pieces Stainless Steel Knife Set


Here’s what’s included in this beautiful set:

1x 8″ Chef Knife1x 8″ Carving Knife1x 7″ Santoku knife1x 8″ Bread Knife1x 3.5″ Paring Knife 1x 5″ Utility Knife 1x Acrylic Knife Stand

You are a professional chef in your kitchen with WopZra Knife Set A good kitchen partner for you!

The WopZra 7 pieces knife set features a knife block with forging & hammering texture and thick knife blade design to keep knives at optimum sharpness and nonstick every time you use them. It’s a set that has every tool you could ever need to cut, chop, slice, dice when preparing your meal.

The main features in this 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set







8″ Santoku knife

Use this knife for chopping vegetables and other smaller sized ingredients. Sharp and easy cutting!

Forging & Hammering Texture Blade

Unique Forging & Hammering Texture Knife Blade makes this knife nonstick,and easy to maintain. Our tough stainless steel knives are not only sharp, also lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to grip

High Quality Material Stainless Steel

Made of high carbon stainless steel, extremely sharp when cutting, also resisting stains, rust and bacteria.







Acrylic Stand

The acrylic stand is not subject to decay or rusting, lightweight and easy to clean, that can make your kitchen look bright and clean.

8″Chef Knife

It is designed to cut all types of fruits and vegetables and meats. With it you can be a professional cooking chef!

8″ Carving Knife

This long blade will slice, carve and fillet meat and fish with ease.


Tips of Knife Maintenance

1. Please clean the knives when you first use, please avoid directly contact with blade edge!

2. Dishwasher safe, but hand wash and non abrasive cleansers recommended.

3. To maintain the lifespan of your knives, please wipe them right away with a soft clean dry towel or paper towel until it left no fingerprints and water stains after washing.

4. Be careful when using and storing them. Please clean and store in knife holder or safe place after using, store away from children reach.

One Set for Your Cutting Needs – – This 7 Pieces knife set includes a 1x 8″Chef knife, 1x 8″Carving knife, 1x 7″Santoku knife, 1×8″ Bread Knife,1x 3.5″paring knife, 1x 5″ utility knife, 1x acrylic knife stand. All the cooking knives you need in one pack.
High-Quality Material to Cutting Items – – This stainless steel knife is made of stainless steel, doesn’t contain any heavy metals and chemical elements. It will not react chemically with food, leave residue or emit an odor when used, allowing food to retain its original flavor and freshness for longer.
Non Stick Forging & Hammering Texture and Thick Knife Blade Design – – Unique Forging & Hammering Texture Knife Blade makes this knife nonstick,and easy to maintain. Our tough stainless steel knives are not only sharp, also lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to grip. Easily cut anything (such as meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables) and let you enjoy the fun of cooking.
3 Colors Optional and Modern Acrylic Decor & Ideal Gift – Our knife set will come with a clear acrylic stand that is beautiful and space-saving. Makes it easy for you to pick up the knife you need. 3 Colors for you, Perfectly adapted to all kinds of kitchen styles. Also can be a great gift option for family and friends on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming days, etc.
Easy To Clean – – After using the kitchen knife set, simply rinse quickly and wipe with a kitchen towel, (Take care when cleaning to prevent cutting fingers). It’s an essential and practical kitchen cutting tools, by the way if became dull after using for many times you can sharp it with a sharping.
Price: $33.99
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