JoyJolt Disney Mickey Mouse 3D Espresso Cups 5.4oz. Glass Cups Set of 2 Insulated Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups with 3D Design. Insulated Coffee Cup Set. Unique Coffee Mugs, Disney Cups by JoyJolt.

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JoyJolt Disney Gifts For Grown Ups: JoyJolt Disney Coffee Cups aren’t your regular double walled glasses. Take a peek inside and you’ll discover Disney’s Mickey Mouse inside your coffee in optical 3D! Get ready to make the happiest coffee on earth with JoyJolt’s Disney Mickey Mouse Cup Set.
The Right Size In So Many Ways: Each espresso cup holds 5.4 ounces, stands 3.25 inches tall and 3.4 inches wide so you can 1) fit it beneath any kind of espresso machine, 2) enjoy the right sized double shot espresso or cappuccino cup, and 3) hug it comfortably in your hands as you savor each warm sip.
A Glass Cup That Loves It Hot! These double wall glass coffee mugs are made from thermoresistant Borosilicate Glass that keeps drinks hot and hands cool while preventing condensation rings! And of course, these insulated coffee cups are oven safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.
Beautiful To Drink From: Your clear coffee cups are lightweight, and have a 1.75” long handle – half an inch thick. So they’re easy to pick up and hold just like you expect from any proper espresso cup. And even though it’s double walled, it’s not thick! The standard 1/8” rim is comfy to drink from.
Unboxing Joy: This espresso glass set is handmade, and comes individually wrapped, separated, and nestled in a gift box with a 12 Month Guarantee for a fully satisfying unboxing experience. Surprise someone you love with Disney Mickey Mouse gifts that also deliver great coffee by JoyJolt.
Price: $29.95 - $24.95
(as of Feb 08,2022 08:41:13 UTC – Details)