HIC Lobster Crab Seafood Pick Fork and Scoop, Japanese Stainless Steel, 8-Inches

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HIC’s Lobster Pick, also called a lobster fork, is an essential addition to flatware for serving and enjoying every delicious bite of lobster. Helpful alongside other seafood tools, this specially designed tool reaches into areas of the shellfish are too small for the lobster cracker or crab mallot to handle. Its small fork easily accesses harder-to-reach areas and loosens the delicate meat from tight crevices while the elongated spoon scoops out the loosened morsels without it being damaged. It’s the hero of any lobster boil or crab fest. Whether enjoying whole grilled lobster, New England lobster tail, just the lobster claws, or picking meat for making lobster roll or gumbo, it’s easy use and gets the job done efficiently. It’s great for picking whole crabs, claws, crab legs, crawfish, and tackling a family seafood festival, too! Compact for easy storage in a kitchen gadget drawer. At every dining occasion, from lunch or brunch, and holiday meals, its bright finish and attractive look conveys a refined sense of purpose on the table. A tradition since 1965, HIC Flatware is made in Japan from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
HIC’s Lobster Cracker for loosening and removing the delicate meat from harder-to-reach areas of lobster, crab, crawfish, and other shellfish
Made from Japanese stainless steel; bright finish for an elegant appearance on any table
Small fork easily accesses and loosens delicate meat from tight crevices; elongated spoon scoops out loosened morsels without them being damaged
Perfect for enjoying a whole grilled lobster or whole crabs, lobster tail, lobster or crab claws, crab legs, even crawfish
Compact for easy storage; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Price: $9.98
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