EXCITINGIFT Wine Gift Set with Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Aerator and Pourer, Reusable Vacuum Stopper, Foil Cutter, and EVA Storage Bag, Rechargeable and Automatic (red)

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Product Description

We are Excitingift brands that are dedicated to making our lives more exciting!We are Excitingift brands that are dedicated to making our lives more exciting!

Exciting Gifts for wine lovers! Pictured here is a wine set (red).Exciting Gifts for wine lovers! Pictured here is a wine set (red).

Wine Gifts Set(Red)

This is the perfect bundle for wine lovers. Our wine gift set comes with;

Wine Opener: automatic, electric, and rechargeable (x1)Wine Aerator and Pourer: electric, rechargeable, and innovative (x1)Wine Vacuum Stopper: for optimal preservation (x1)Foil Cutter (x1)Storage Bag (x1)

Wine Gift Set(red) with Openers, Aerator and Pourer, Vacuum Stopper, Foil Cutter, and Storage BagWine Gift Set(red) with Openers, Aerator and Pourer, Vacuum Stopper, Foil Cutter, and Storage Bag

Premium Wine Gift Collection- Complete Wine Set

Enjoy a glass of your favorite wines and bubbly champagnes with this beautiful gift wine set.This set includes all the kitchen accessories you’ll need to enjoy and savor your favorite bottle.

There is a wine set(red) on the table, and the couple is savoring the delicious food and wine.There is a wine set(red) on the table, and the couple is savoring the delicious food and wine.

Share Wine With Friends On A Night Of Stories

There is nothing more relaxing than popping the cork on a delicious bottle of wine and enjoying an incredible evening. Whether relaxing on the couch or spending time with your friends.And with the[EXCITINGIFT] ‘Wine Gift Set’ you get everything you need. Our gift set comes with an electric bottle opener, a foil cutter, an aerator that doubles as a pourer, and a vacuum stopper. Perfect for sharing the bottle or enjoying a single glass.Crafted with high-quality materials and designed for both elegance and durability. Our professional wine accessories give you more support in the kitchen so that you can spend more time enjoying a glass of Pinot or Moscato.

Electric Wine Opener and Foil Cutter

Electric Wine Opener and Foil Cutter

Electric Smart Wine Aerator and Pourer

Electric Smart Wine Aerator and Pourer

Preservation Vacuum Stopper

Preservation Vacuum Stopper

Storage Bag of Wine Tools

Storage Bag of Wine Tools

Electric Wine Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter

It makes removing the cork easy, and fast.Use the Foil Cuttersto remove the foil top. Our cutter leaves the foil neat and smooth, to prevent any ‘thorns’ which will cause you scratches.Then, use our Electric Wine Bottle Opener, to remove the cork in seconds. This device makes it easy and effortless. Plus, you won’t need to worry about the cork cracking anymore!

Wine Aerator and Pourer: Smart ,electric and rechargeable

It perfectly aerates wine quickly, and then doubles as a pourer.It offers three built-in oxidation functions. And at the push of a button, the fully oxidized wine will pour into your wine glass. It allowed you to spend more time enjoying the wine’s mellow aroma and taste, instead of waiting for it to oxidize.The stylish curved shape, provides an elegant and perfect pour each time. With colorful LED lights, which shine every time you pour a glass, help render a warm and happy atmosphere.The food-grade silicone tube can be maneuvered and bent, making it suitable for bottles of various heights.

Preservation Vacuum Stopper

Our stopper creates a vacuum, allowing you to keep your wine fresher for longer.Making it the perfect accessory when you want to save the rest of the bottle for later, whether it is refrigerated or stored in the pantry!Helping you to keep your wines fresh and flavourful between events, parties or dinners.

Storage Bag For All The Wine Tools

Our Wine Gift Set even comes with a compact carry case to keep all of these accessories neat and tidywhen not in use.Each tool has its own dedicated spot, making storage simple and convenient.Making our gift set the perfect choice to take with you camping, on holiday, or any other kind of celebration!

Exciting Gifts for wine lovers!Exciting Gifts for wine lovers!

An Exciting Gift For Wine Lovers !

How long has it been since you last gave yourself a gift?This wine set is elegant, functional, and easy to use. The perfect treat to enhance your wine tasting, leaving more time to appreciate its deliciousness.This is an exciting gift which you deserve, so treat yourself now!Or grab it as a gift for your loved ones. This bundle makes an amazing gift for any lover of wine. Suitable for all occasions, whether it be a birthday, mother’s day, a wedding, or even Christmas.Our wine bundle is a wonderful all-around gift!




















Aluminum,PC,Stainless Steel

ABS,Food-grade Silicone

ABS,Food-grade Silicone, Aluminum alloy

ABS,Stainless Steel

Fiber cloth,EVA

Include Attachment

Rechargeable Batteries×4,USB Charging Cable×1

Wine Aerator Tube×2,USB Charging Cable×1

Rated Voltage






【PERFECT BUNDLE for WINE LOVER】Opener, Aerator, Pourer, Vacuum stopper, Foil cutter, Storage bag
【EASY REMOVE WINE CORK in SECONDS】Electric wine opener and foil cutter better protect your hands
【1-BUTTON AERATION and POUR WINE】Electric smart wine aerator, enhance the purity, aroma, luxury
【KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH LONGER】Minimize wine oxidation by pump air out using the vacuum stopper
【TRUSTED QUALITY ASSURANCE】Get your gifts today with the wine set comes a 30-day refund policy
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