Euhomy Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser, with Dual Filtration System and UV Lights Stainless Steel Water Cooler for Home, Living Room, ETL Approved ,Black

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Product Description

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Removable drip tray

Removable drip tray: Beneath the dispensing nozzle is a large, removable drip tray, used to collect any water that sprinkles. Because it is removable, you can easily take it out to clean. Please note that the drip tray is not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water.


OZONE: 1. Need to wait for 1 hour before drinking 2. The water smell bad 3. Unable to sanitize every drop of water 4. Harmful to the human body

UV LIGHT: 1. Healthier and cleaner 2. Don’t affect the taste 3. No need to wait, drink anytime you want 4. 24-hour protection

Back switch and certificate

EUHOMY water coolers are ETL/Energy Star certified.

Note: In order to prevent scaling and prolong product life, the product needs to be cleaned manually every 4-6 months.



Black Black Euhomy Filter (WC-Y)

UV Lights

Self Cleaning



[DUAL FILTRATION]: Dual filter water dispenser includes PP cotton filter and Carbon filter,PP cotton filter can remove impurities such as sand, rust, suspended solids and so on in the water,Carbon filter Removes the water odor, residual chlorine,organic matter,and lead to improve water taste
[Self-cleaning function]: This Bottleless Water dispenser has built-in UV lights that purify the water, preventing harmful substances from accumulating in the water, water tank and water pipeline. Water dispenser ensure that every sip of water you drink is healthy and clean.The UV lights automatically cleans and runs for 20 minutes every hour. When the water pump is working, the UV light will automatically turn on, ensuring that you can drink clean and healthy water at any time.
[Three temperature options]: Our self cleaning water cooler allows you to choose between cold water, room temperature water and hot water so you can drink ice-cold water in the hot summer or have hot water readily available when it’s cold. Water dispenser 5 gallon Heating Temperature: 185-194℉. Heating Capacity: 5L/H. Water cooler dispenser Cooling Temperature: 46.4-51℉. Cooling Capacity: 2L/H.
[security function]: This Bottleless Water dispenser is designed with a child lock function, which will greatly reduce the risk of children being injured. This water dispenser has an intelligent function of preventing dry burning.
[Widened size]:This product is a filter water dispenser, no need to install a bucket, just connect the water pipe to the pool to use .This water dispenser has a larger water receiving interface.You no longer need to worry about the situation that the enlarged water cup cannot receive water. This water dispenser has a larger size and more Good quality.
Price: $199.99
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