Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids and Straws – 12 oz (90 Set) Togo Hot Paper Coffee Cup with Lid To Go for Beverages Espresso Tea Insulated Reusable Cold Drinks Ripple Cups Protect Fingers From Heat!

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What’s in the Box:90 x 12oz ripple cups90 x Lids90 x Stirring strawsProduct FeaturesDesigned to satisfy YOUR needs!Comfort: Our triple insulated S wave ripple wall design help you comfortably handle your hot beverage, while simplifying your coffee station by eliminating the need for sleeves.Style: These to go coffee cups are of exceptional quality and your guests will definitely be impressed. Our clients have bought these cups for weddings and to baby showers. Perfect for serving coffee, cocoa and tea! On-the-go: Conscious of the current fast-paced American lifestyle, we’ve designed our cups to tremendously facilitate on-the-go drinking vis our spill-proof, Kiss lid design.Perfect for Hot and Cold Beverages: We’ve designed these cups to nicely fit any beverage. Perfect for hot drinks such as: salep, irish coffee, apple cider, herbal tea, green tea, hot toddy, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and hot chocolate! Also perfect for cold drinks: Iced coffee, Iced tea, Starbucks, organic smoothies, soft drinks, cocktails, and vegan shakes.Perfect for any occasion: The quality and style of these cups maked them ideal for any occasion. Use these cups at your next Thanksgiving Family Reunion, Holiday Celebration, New Years Eve party, Birthday Celebration, Fourth of July Bar-Bee-Q, Wedding Party, Baby Showers, Bridal Parties, Bachelors Parties, and Campus Reunions.Our GuaranteeOur team will swiftly replace or refund any products that do not satisfy the customer expectations. Send us a quick message, we’re happy to resolve any issue you might encounter.Kindpack is the supplier of klm , air France , sas , Turkish airlines , Philippine airlines ,Iceland air etc. During the past 13 years ,Kindpack has produced 7.5 billions paper cups and 2.3 billions coffee cups lids , while with 0.01% less leakage.
TOP-RATED COFFEE CUPS :Kindpack is the supplier of klm , air France , sas , Turkish airlines , Philippine airlines ,Iceland air etc. We will offer our 1-year money-back guarantee to you.
LEAK FREE GUARANTEE : We made our disposable coffee cups 15% thicker than the competition so you’ll only experience excellent heat insulation and leak protection. Serve your friends the cocoa, tea, and coffee they love without the risk of embarrassing accidents.
TIGHT FITTING LIDS STOP ACCIDENTAL SPILLS : Our specially designed lids are sturdy and create a tight and firm seal with your paper coffee cups to stay 100% on.
NO SLEEVE NEEDED : With sturdy construction and triple insulated S wave ripple wall, these coffee cups with lids will keep hot drinks hot, while still remaining comfortable in your hand. No more fumbling with those pesky sleeves.
SAVE MONEY! : Our togo coffee cups with lids are made extra thick and sturdy to ensure that they are durable for everyday use. Reuse these durable, sturdy coffee cups all day.
Price: $35.79
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