Deluxe Bottling Kit – Craft a Brew Homebrew Bottler Equipment – Home Brewing Easy Bottling Set – 10 Empty 12oz. Amber Glass Bottles – 30+ Caps – 1 Capper

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This deluxe bottling kit comes with everything you need to bottle your fresh beer! with Craft a Brew, you get a home brewing experience defined for you. This bottling kit is the final step after you’ve completed your brew, giving you what you need to bottle It and keep your brew fresh. Every good beer needs a good bottle to stay in; Craft a Brew gives you what you need for the best home brewing experience.
DELUXE BOTTLING KIT – There’s one last step after the fermenting process and before you can enjoy hand-crafted beer: bottling it! Get one step closer to home brew perfection with this deluxe bottling and capping kit.
DESIGNED FOR 1-GALLON KITS – With 10 premium quality reusable bottles, a professional grade capper, and 30+ caps, you’ve got enough here for 3 batches of your favorite 1-gallon kit.
FOR YOUR FAVORITE DRINK – Whether you like cider, kombucha, or beer, you need a system for keeping it fresh after fermentation. Enjoy a top notch bottling kit for your top notch home brew.
PERFECT PRESENT – Don’t want your homebrewing friends to drink all the beer? Give them what they need to bottle it, and they can enjoy a great gift while you enjoy their great home brew!
CRAFT A BREW QUALITY – Each beer bottling kit and all our recipe kits are assembled by hand in Orlando, FL instilled with the core values of providing high-quality ingredients, elegant and effective design, and an environmentally sustainable mindset. Enjoy beer the right way with your own Craft a Brew kit.
Price: $34.95
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