Daesar Table Place Mats x8, Kitchen Placemats Cotton Linen Decoration Ball Christmas Tree Christmas Table Placemats Red Green 12.5×16.5 Inch

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&#9825 D for Desire. It means your desire for each other.
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Brand History
&#9830Daesar, first created by our team at the very beginning, had been looking forward to growing up to be a worldwide daily necessities brand.
We always keep thinking and thinking…
What are we want to bring to you?
How can Daesar inject flesh blood for the daily necessities industry?
What kind of ideas are we desire to convey to the world?
All these questions stands for our humanity conception which are supporting the growth of Daesar.

Daesar is a person who pursues a noble quality of life. For us, the necessities of life and decorations are not just decorations; It is both the symbol of the life and the quality of life; a carrier of human emotion DAESAR STANDS FOR THE DEEPLY UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT FOR LIFE. We hope that we are Not ONLY introducing our products BUT conveying the understanding and respect for the love of the life.
&#9830 Welcome to Daesar! May each of you would not just be a pass-by in our life. Met in Daesar, May culture be conveyed; Life is precious. Let’s add some color to our life.
♥ PLACEMATS SET OF 8: The elegant place mats contains 8 placemats. The size of the christmas placemats is 32x42CM(12.5×16.5 Inch), and is also suitable for larger modern desktops. Ideal accessory for kitchen, living room, dining table, dining table for everyday use.
♥ NON SLIP PLACEMATS: The dinner placemats from customers due to excellent presentation and obvious properties, such as heat-resistant, non-slip, insulated and so on are recommended.
♥ FASHION DECORATION: Perfect decoration for your dining table, beautiful stylish, personalised placemats ensure more fun on your kitchen table. Protect your table from scratches and stains, lightfast, stain-free, mold-free, wipeable.
♥ COTTON AND LINEN PLACEMAT: The dining table mats are made of cotton linen, which is soft, thick, odorless and 100% safe. They are more durable than other placemats and protect your table from spills and burn marks. Great for the home, restaurants, special occasions and events.
♥ WIPEABLE PLACEMATS WASHABLE: The table mats are particularly easy to care for and durable. Stains can be washed out quickly and easily by hand. The placemats are easy to wash by hand and cold water. In addition, they are also easy to clean with a washing machine.
Price: $34.99
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