Circrane Hydrometer & Glass Test Jar Set, Triple Scale Alcohol Hydrometer with Glass Cylinder for Brew Beer, Wine, Mead and Kombucha, ABV, Brix and Gravity Test Kit, Home Brewing Supplies

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Product Description



Circrane is constantly looking at how we can bring the best homebrewing products to the masses. Our main focus is on hydrometer testing kits. We have a variety of hydrometers for homebrewers and distillers and they can be bought as kits with our awesome glass test jar and stainless steel brush. We designed our borosilicate glass test jar to solve the pain points we were having with using so much brew to take a test. We knew a 1-piece borosilicate glass jar was needed for quality of the product, scratch resistance and sanitation, product strength for distillers and a potentially wide range of sudden temperature changes.


Ideal Narrow Tube

Save every drop of your fermented liquid means you can reap more to enjoy or share.


One Piece of Borosilicate Glass

Exclusively sturdy and stable, you don’t need to worry the leakage issue.


Crystal Clear Glass

Super easy to read through and no graduated markings to block your view


Microfiber Cloth

With our microfiber cloth, you can easy clean and wach our hydrometer and no need to worry about scratches.


Narrow Tube


Borosilicate Glass


Crystal Clear Glass


Microfiber Cloth


Package includes:

1* Triple Scales Hydrometer

1*Clear Glass Cylinder Test Jar

1* Stainless Steel Bottle Brush

1* Hydrometer Storage Case

1* Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1* Instruction Sheet with Scale Conversion Chart

Why you wil choose our hydrometer kits

Easy-to-reading color coding scale

Lead& Mercury free: Non-toxic

Easy to clean and re-usable

Hydrometer Specifications:

Specific Gravity: 0.99 – 1.17Potential Alcohol By Volume: 0%-20%Brix/Balling: 0-35

🧪[The Accurate Hydrometer & Glass Cylinder Kit]: Whether your forte is beer, wine, mead or kombucha, make sure your alcohol content, sweetness or gravity measurements are right in the sweet spot with our combo test kit. Our user-friendly hydrometer helps you guard against errors that could ruin your product, while our EXTRA NARROW measuring cylinder helps you waste less of your precious homebrew and get the best readings every single time.
🧪[Triple Scale & Easy to Read]: Measuring specific gravity from 0.99-1.17, brix/balling from 0-35 and potential alcohol by volume from 0%-20%, this essential proofer is easy to read and free of mercury, lead and other hazardous compounds. It’s your environmentally-friendly way to make pinpoint measurements of your home brew.
🧪[Save Precious Liquid]: You only need 125ml rather than 250ml beer or wine for testing. Our test tube is designed with narrow opening and tall enough to help you get the best readings.
🧪[Complete Set for Home Brewer]: Included 1* Triple Scales Hydrometer, 1* Clear Glass cylinder test jar, 1* Bottle brush (Stainless steel handel), Sturdy storage case (protect hydrometer from breakage), Instruction sheet with scale conversion chart and Microfiber cleaning cloth.
🧪[Manufacturer Warranty]: We provide quality assurance for up to a year since you purchased from us. And if the hydrometer borken or lost any accessory during the shipping, please feel free to contact us. We will glad to provide you free replacement.
Price: $14.98
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