Brio Water Cooler Filter Replacement – Stage-2: Carbon Block – for models CLPOU320SLUVF2, CLPOU520UVF2, CLCTPOU620UVF2, CLCTPOU520UVF2

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The Brio Stage-2 Carbon Block Water Cooler Replacement Filter is compatible with Brio models CLPOU320SLUVF2, CLPOU520UVF2, CLCTPOU620UVF2, CLCTPOU520UVF2. This stage-2 filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, as well as other contaminants, ensuring water is safe, clear, and great-tasting. Its easy twist-in design lets you change filters in less than 10 seconds, plus it delivers 3 liters per minute of refreshing hydration.
REPLACEMENT FILTER: Compatible with Brio CLPOU320UVF2, CLPOU520UVF2, CLCTPOU620UVF2, CLCTPOUT520UVF2 Brio Water Coolers.
CLEANER WATER: Activated coconut carbon with maximized surface area to capture large amount of impurities, as small as 5 microns.
CONTAMINANT REDUCTION: Adsorbs chlorine taste and odor, and other smaller suspended solids, ensuring water is clear and great-tasting.
FAST DISPENSING: Delivers 3 liters per minute for no-wait hydration.
EASY INSTALLATION: Change filters in less than 10 seconds with easy twist-in design.
Price: $51.49
(as of Apr 03,2022 15:23:22 UTC – Details)