Brew Bag Reusable, 3 Pack Extra Large 25″×22″ Nylon Mesh Drawstring Brewing Bag, Brew In A Bag Grain Bag Wine Straining Bag for Home Brewing Beer Wine Making Cider Grape Apple Fruit Press

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BREW IN A BAG BRING YOUNEW EXPERIENCE- saving more time, space and money.
【GREAT VALUE 3PACK EXTRA LARGE BREW BAGS】Comes with 3pack extra large 25 x 22 inch drawstring nylon mesh brewing bags reusable, ensure you can brew even the largest of recipes without spilling any grain. The brew bag reusable versatile enough for beer/ jams/ cold brew/ cider/ fruit wine making, also can meet anything requiring a mesh wine straining bag to cook or filter from jams to cold brew to cider and fruit wine making, this nylon straining bag for wine making can do it all!
【DURABLE MATERIAL】These biab grain bags for home brewing are made of fine durable polyester and can be washed and reused many times. Double reinforced stitch edge ensures no grains slip into the wort. Easy to removal the grains make the rest of your brew day and cleanup like a breeze. Note: Wash straining bags for wine making with warm soap water, rinse and let them dry.
【SUPERFINE MESH】The hole of our brewing filter bag is 250 micron mesh, which is tight enough to filter the smaller particles but loose enough to allow liquid to move through the material.Our extra large strainer bags makes beer taste better.
【PERFECT DRAWSTRING DESIGN】The design of strong draw string is easy pull drawstring ensures no spills and quick clean up, and makes sure the cider press mesh bag doesn’t fall into the pot and stays secure and tight. The clever design prevents all grain brewing bag contact with hot kettle bottom.
【BRING YOU NEW BREWING EXPERIENCE】Compared with traditional all-grain brewing, our mesh filter brewing bag makes the brewing more easily. Brew in a bag grain bag lets you move to all grain or partial mash brewing easily, and the BIAB method is very simple to set up and execute, even with limited space. The brew in a bag method eliminates the need for a mash tun, lauter tun, or hot liquor pot, thus saving more time, space and money.
Price: $10.99
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