BioPak Art Series Design – Single Wall Compostable BioCup (1000 Pack) Made of Bioplastic Lining, Carbon Neutral – Office, Travel, Hotel, Restaurant, Commercial & Business Use – Size 510 ML/16oz (90mm)

IMAGE AS A GUIDE ONLY. Cartons contain up to three different art cups with new artists featured every two months. Unfortunately, we cannot sell individual art cups and cannot guarantee which prints or which series of prints will be in each carton. Paper BioCups are made from premium paperboard with a bioplastic lining made from plants, not oil. These disposable cups are certified industrially compostable and carbon neutral. This 16oz Art Series paper cup fits our large lids.

BULK QUALITY: Lower in price saving time & money. We make sure to use heavy-duty, premium quality boards giving our cups superior stability and insulation. Sturdy, biodegradable & compostable cups, perfect for eco conscious consumers.
FUN IDEAL SIZE: Treat yourself with 16oz cups that are durable & easy to use (without harming our planet). Use for hot or cold drinks. Not just for sipping coffee working from home, office, or at a hotel. These cups can ne used special occasions such as birthdays, weddings & even in unexpected travels.
WHY BIOCUPS?: Paper BioCups are sustainably sourced from managed plantations with a bioplastic lining made from plants, not oil. They are the only cups certified commercially compostable in Australia and New Zealand. Including a leak resistant paper cup that won’t get weak or soggy.
MADE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Why use a boring plastic cup when we offer BioPak Art Series Paper cups?! They are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly water and soy-based inks. A great way to enjoy using & disposing properly without contributing to the Earth’s waste.
CIRCULAR ECONOMY: We use rapidly renewable sustainably sourced materials that are non-toxic throughout their lifecycle for our packaging products. Our products are certified carbon neutral & after use, can be either recycled, commercially &/or home composted.
CARBON NEUTRAL: Each carbon credit or offset relates to 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions that have been avoided by funding renewable energy or tree planting project.
COMMITTED TO POSITIVE CHANGE: Thanks to our customers, we have planted over 20,000 trees & purchased over 5 hectares of threatened rainforest regionally.
Price: $99.40
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