Ball Lock Keg Fitting Cornelius Keg Ball Lock Disconnect Ball Lock Gas Disconnect Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect Swivel Nut for Home Brewing and Wine Making by PERA

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Multiple Brewing Usage ObjectsMultiple Brewing Usage Objects

PERA Ball Lock Disconnect – Easy to Use and High Quality

The Ball Lock Connector are designed to allow quick and easy connection to Cornelius kegs. Grey Connections are used for both gas input and black used for beer output on your kegs. The black disconnect is placed on the “OUT” post, this is your liquid post on your keg. The Grey Ball Lock is placed on the “in” post. Gas post has obvious mark, you can easy to distinguish it.

Swivel Nut:

1/4″(3/16″) for Black Ball Lock Fittings

5/16″ for Grey Ball Lock Fittings


Tighten the Clamps when you use the Ball Lock Disconnect connects the Beer Gas Line Tubing will prevent leakage.

Sometimes the Gas Hose Tubing is very hard to connect, you can put the hose in the hot water, then connect Corny Keg Connector.

Include: Ball Lock Grey Quick Disconnect for Gas in and Black one for Liquid out, Swivel Nuts 5/16” and 3/16”, 2pcs Worm Clamps;
Material: Premium ABS for Ball Lock Quick Disconnect Set, Stainless steel for hose clamps;
No Leaks: Easy use key type worm clamps included in the package ensures no leakage;
Widely Use: Fits for most Cornelius Kegs, for Corny kegs, for Pepsi Keg, for 7-UP Tanks, great for home made craft cocktails, soda, and other beverages.
Quality Guarantee: Any Problem, Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
Price: $6.99
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