Aquaboon 5 Stage Mineral Water Filter Cartridge Replacement for Countertop Zen Systems | For Drinking Water | Compatible with Max Water 104054~K, Zen Water Systems 5S-F, Ronaqua RA-5ZEN-2, 2 Pack

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The multistage mineral water filter replacement is compatible with ZEN countertop systems and meant for point-of-use drinking water. Natural filtration mechanisms are the force behind the cartridge. Just like water penetrates layers of rocks in the earth surface and enters streams, it seeks through Zen 5 stage mineral cartridge countertop being enhanced with healthful elements. Forget about electricity bills, setting up any wires or plumbing services.

Since the ceramic dome inside the upper tank is unable to manage with chlorine, the first stage of the Zen mineral water filter represents granular activated carbon. After activation the number of pores increased significantly. The molecules of the pollutant are stuck to the walls of the tunnels thus being extracted from water.

[EXCHANGE RESIN] The filtration media consists of small beads. They present a huge surface for water to contact with a polymer resin efficiently. The filter doesn’t just accumulate impurities: sodium ions of the filter atoms are interchanged with calcium and magnesium ones kept in liquid. Soften water is not just tastier. You can use it for domestic appliances running on water to prolong their life span and get rid of stains.
[FAR INFRARED] Under the influence of FIR rays water starts to vibrate forcing atoms to reduce the ion bonds. After the breakdown of the molecules toxins and negatively charged particles are released. The latter are abundant in nature. Just remember how your mood is enhanced and stress is reduced when you are near waterfalls or on the ocean shore. High oxygen content improves immune function, purifies the blood.
[SILICA SAND] This sand has nothing in common with that used in the construction industry. It is composed of ground quartz creating rough grains with jagged edges. The mineral isn’t produced but mined from rocks on the surface of the Earth. It is durable and hard wearing. All this makes it an ideal filtration media to remove suspended solids in water. The mineral neutralizes acidic elements to promote an optimal pH balance in your organism.
[MINERAL SAND] In nature minerals come to water from contact with the ground, so don’t panic if your water doesn’t contain ones. With our Zen mineral filter cartridge you will get a boost in vitamins, replace it once in 6 – 8 months (500 gallons).
[COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES AND SYSTEMS] Zen Water Systems 5S-F, ZENWATER 4G-MP, 4GWB, 6GMP, Ronaqua RA-5ZEN-2, Max Water 104054 K.
Price: $27.99
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