AQUA CREST ZR-017 5-Stage Replacement Water Filters (2 Packs)

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Advanced filtration media: AQUA CREST water pitcher filter uses advanced filtration media to remove sand, rust, sediment, and effectively reduce bad taste in your tap water. It’s 1 layer of activated carbon fiber can adsorb most of chlorine, bad taste and odor.
Interchangeable water filter design: Our replacement filter has been engineered to be a perfect-fit replacement in your lovely pitcher. It is also quite easy to replace your water filter with AQUACREST. You do not have to worry about installations; there are instructional manuals to guide you if you are confused or have any questions.
Replacement filter models: Replacement for ZR-001, ZR-003, ZR-004, ZR-006, ZR-008, ZR-012, ZR-017, ZR-600, ZP-007RP, ZD-013W, ZD-013D, ZR-0810G, ZR-0810-4, ZP-010, ZD-010RP, ZS-011RP, ZD-012RP, ZD-20RP, ZD-018, ZD-030RP, ZJ-003, ZP-006, ZBD-040-1. AquaCrest is an independent brand. This filter is not an original product.
Cost-effective choice: The service life of the pitcher water filter is up to 1 month. Offers reasonable price without compromising quality and perfectly fits the original. ⚡For better taste, replace it when you feel necessary.
Food-grade material: We use exclusive food-grade materials to ensure BPA-free and lead-free filtration for the clean water possible. So, you can be confident about the water you drink from an AQUACREST filter.
Price: $28.99
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