APEC Water Systems ROES-PHUV75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral and Ultra-Violet UV Sterilizer 75 GPD 7-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System,white

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Product Description

Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, this 7-stage ROES-PHUV75 water filtration system is made from high caliber components to deliver exceptional contaminant rejection rates and long-lasting, reliable performance. Save money, time, and hassle from buying costly, bottled water and live healthier with ultra-safe pure mineral water that is contaminant free.

1st Stage: High-capacity polypropylene sediment filter removes dust, particles, and rust. Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system.

2nd & 3rd Stage: Premium extruded carbon block gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors, as well as removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water.

4th Stage: High rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and contaminants such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium and much more.

5th Stage: Ultra-violet (UV) light sterilizes and destroys up to 99.99% of bac., vir. and cysts in the water.

6th Stage: Advanced coconut shell refining carbon TCR (Total Contamination Removal) filter removes any possible residual taste from the tank.

7th Stage: PH+ alkaline re-mineralizing calcium filter adds 100% US made calcium carbonate to increase water alkalinity.












Super Efficient APEC Carbon Blocks

APEC double carbon blocks are uniquely designed in achieving the maximum possible chlorine & chemicals removal in drinking water. The extremely large carbon block surface maximizes contact time to ensure water purity and multiplies lifetime of filters and membranes.

Extra Protection From Ultra-Violet

The powerful ultra-violet (UV) light provides ultimate protection against bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms that breed in non-chlorinated water sources, such as well water, or any other water sources known to be unsafe with microorganisms.

Safe and Optimal PH Enhancement

APEC’s calcium mineral cartridge adds only 100% US-made high-purity calcium carbonate to effectively and safely raise pH in the water for improved alkalinity and water taste.

Superb Taste & Water Purity

APEC’s premium quality products result in excellent refreshing taste and water purity that is more distinctive than any other brands.


Supreme quality – designed, engineered and assembled in USA to water safety & your health. Effective in removing up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals and 1000+ contaminants
Premium long-lasting filters used to treat tap water and well water, providing unlimited clean, refreshing crisp tasting water superior to bottled water
The continuous UV sterilization destroys up to 99. 99% of bac., vir.& cysts, and kills parasites in un-chlorinated water for extra protection
US made cartridge uses food-grade calcium from trusted source to raise water pH level safely and effectively. Enjoy ultra-pure drinking water with added calcium minerals for improved alkalinity and great taste
Equipped with 100% lead-free designer faucet, plus JG Food grade tubing and parts to provide safe, contamination-free pure water. Detailed step-by-step instruction and clear online installation videos are both available for an easy DIY experience
Price: $309.95 - $265.70
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