AnEssOil Alcohol Still Wine Making kit Water Distiller Still Home Brewing Equipment it can Adjustable Fragrance (33L)

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Adjustable fragrance Alcohol Water Distiller
For beginners or experienced distillers, ideal for distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy and refining plant extracts for medical purposes

Can be used to distil
Pure dew
Distilled water
Fruit Wine
Sweet rice wine

Material: 304 stainless steel/Copper
Thickness of fermenter pot is 3mm
A thermometer attached on the top

What it produce:

Guarantee Quality: 24 Months Warranty
Convenient Thermometer-Thermometer built in the boiler lid allows easy temperature monitoring during distillation process.
Including: fermenter, cooler, thermometer,water pump,Cooling water pipe,wine tube,Stainless steel bracket,Check valve,filter bag

33 L : Boiler barrel: 37x37cm ; Condenser:15 x 15cm Weight:6.5kg

50 L : Boiler barrel:43X43cm ; Condenser: 15x15cm Weight:7.6kg

What you need?
38L: 7.5kg rice material, produce 5-7.5kg alcohol ; 2~3h

58L: 12kg rice material, produce 7.5-12.5kg alcohol ;3~5h
【Greatest feature】This distiller comes with the Stuffing cup it can increase the aroma and distilled the liquor,The copper cooling coil is used in the wine outlet tube, which has the effect of aging, it can make the quality of the wine better
【Heating source of distiller】Induction cooker,Gas stove, firewood or any other heating sources are OK!
【Role of copper cooling coil】Copper cooling coil comes with excellent thermal conductivity, ductility, and corrosion resistance. More importantly, it can remove off-flavors, make the quality of the wine cleaner and better, and have the effect of promoting aging
【Role of Temperature】It can accurately monitor the temperature in the barrel in real time, When the thermometer shows about 80 ℃ during heating, it need to circulate the cooling water , and wine vapor will condense into liquid when it condenses ,then liquor flows out from the outlet
Price: $345.00
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