Aervana Original: Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer / Dispenser – Air Decanter – Personal Wine Tap for Red and White Wine 750 ml and 1.5 l (With Stand)

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Product Description

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The Original by Aervana elevates every wine experience, all it takes is one finger and the push of a button. Many of the red wines we pick up at the store aren’t yet ready to be enjoyed at their best. They need to be aged in the bottle or exposed to air in order for the tannins from the grape skins to mellow and the best-tasting notes to shine through. The Original does what an hour spent in a decanter would do for wine, instantly.

wine aerator, aervanawine aerator, aervana

Meet the Original

We designed the Aervana Original with the elegance of the wine experience in mind. Winemakers spend years crafting their product— Aervana allows you to experience that craftsmanship to its fullest, with your wine opened-up and ready to be enjoyed.

At Aervana, we ensure our products match the sophistication and craftsmanship of great wine by using only high-quality materials. Simply press the button on top to dispense fully aerated wine into your glass from your own personal wine tap. No matter your experience with wine, you’ll notice the difference between a glass aerated with the Original and the same wine, unaerated.

A classic look with luxury finishes: the Original fits seamlessly into your wine routine and makes a perfect gift for any wine lover. Impress your friends with the best in aeration technology.

wine aerator, aervanawine aerator, aervana

We do aeration differently

Simply attach the tube to the body of the Aervana Original, slip the Original over an open wine bottle, and press the button on top. The wines that benefit most from aeration are typically young red wines, with heavy tannins and complex structure.

The Original instantly aerates wine by infusing it with air under pressure as it’s being dispensed, ensuring that less favorable compounds like ethanol and sulfites evaporate away, leaving the delicious, flavorful elements of your wine to shine through.

The wine that reaches your glass will be transformed to the taste equivalent of having decanted the same wine for about an hour. The taste difference in your wine should be instantly recognizable, producing a glass with mellower tannins and a more complex flavor.

wine aerator, aervanawine aerator, aervana

Liven up your wine

With a wine tap on the table, it’s easy to spread good cheer. Bring your favorite people a little bit closer with some help from Aervana. Having a tasting party? Your friends will get all the fun of seeing your wine bottle transformed into a personal tap for perfectly aerated wine.

Wine aeration 101

Why we aerate wine

You know when you open a new bottle of wine, taste it, and experience a bit of a bitter, astringent taste, drying out your mouth? That’s caused by the tannins in your wine that occur naturally in the skin and stems of the grapes. Age can help soften tannins, and so can aeration— especially in younger wines where the tannic effect may overwhelm the other flavors and aromas in your wine.

The Aervana difference

Aervana Original infuses air into wine as it’s dispensed, providing the oxygen needed to soften those tannins and other less favorable compounds (like sulfites, sulfides, and ethanol) associated with many red wines, allowing you to better taste the key characteristics of your wine.

Will it work with white wines?

While Aervana Original will dispense any wine, it really shines in its ability to aerate the wines that can benefit from aeration. Therefore, some wine varietals— especially those that are bold, tannic, or young – will be smoothed by the Original, revealing more of the wine’s true flavors and aromas. Red wine varietals more typically benefit from aeration; however, some white wine varietals, like Burgundies and white Bordeauxs, can benefit from aeration.

Wine varietals that work well with Aervana Original

Bordeaux blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Mourvédre, Nebbiolo, Nero D’Avola, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Tannat, Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, some Malbec, some Pinot Noir

Hear the Aervana story

What happens when a wine buff dad and his somm-to-be daughter get together and start tasting wines? Well, a lot of things. They’ll open up more bottles than the whole family gathered could possibly expect to drink; they’ll have it out over their favorite wine regions and grape varietals; they’ll talk for hours about what they noticed in a glass that surprised them.

And, for Lou— a product developer by trade— those nights exploring wine and thinking through ways to improve the wine experience with his daughter were the beginning of the path towards Aervana. As he and Eliza, now a restaurant wine director in NYC, stayed up nights sharing stories and impressions over wine, they realized properly aerating the wines that needed it tended to interrupt and distract from the wine experience.

When they came across bottles of young, tannic, red wine—wines that needed a bit of air before showcasing their full flavors and aromas—they found that current aerators tended to distract from the wine experience, either by delaying their spontaneous taste tests, or by adding mess and inconvenience to an otherwise straight-forward process.

Luckily, in this case, a problem came together with passion and expertise. Lou was able to spend five years testing and developing our flagship product, the Aervana Original wine aerator— simplifying aeration while doing it well. The Aervana Original is the first-ever aerating product to aerate and dispense wine simultaneously, with just the push of a button. Each product in the core Aervana Aeration Line— the Aervana Essential, Aervana Original, and Aervana Select— shares this same key, game-changing design while including unique features appealing to wine drinkers of all styles and budgets.

While Aervana seamlessly and effectively aerates the wines that need it, you can go back to enjoying the wine experience with the folks you love.

Instant Decanting – Allows you to decant your wine in seconds instead of hours.
Aeration – Instantly aerate/decant your wine with the touch of a button. The Aervana provides 6 times the aeration of the typical gravity aerators. It’s like instantly decanting your wine for 60 minutes.
Easy to Use – Just push the button to aerate and pour your wine. Attaches easily to any bottle of wine (750ml & 1.5l) with a tight seal. Simply attach the tube, slide the Aervana on top of the bottle, and push the button for wine to be instantly aerated from your personal wine tap. Powered by 6 AAA batteries – (not included)
No Mess – No drips, spills or splashes. The Aervana is the convenient and spill proof way to serve wine.
Includes – Aervana wine aerator, telescoping stainless steel tube that fits 750ml and 1.5l bottles, counter-top display stand, and owner’s manual.
Price: $99.95
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