ABC Cork At Home Brewing Beer Making Kit | Beer Making Ingredients for Home Brewing | Yields 6 Gallons (Stout & Brown Ale)

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Brew great beer at home! ABC Crafted Series presents delectable at-home beer brewing ingredient kits. Bringing the joy of hand-crafted brewing to your home with easy to follow instructions and premium ingredients. Anyone can brew beer and the journey from beginner to expert starts in your very own home! By brewing your own craft beer, you can pick the styles that you most enjoy; and with our range of innovative, quality products, you’ll be able to really brew the perfect flavor for you! ABC Crafted Series Beer Kits come complete with premium-quality ingredients including a liquid malt extract, yeast and hops.
BEER MAKING KIT: ABC Crafted beer making kits come fully equipped with a liquid malt extract, yeast and hops to help you begin brewing right away!
DELICIOUS BROWN ALE: This brewing kit will result in a beer that has a rich fruit and brown sugar aroma. This beer will leave your palate with a delicious nutty aftertaste.
SMOOTH STOUT: This brewing kit will result in a black creamy stout, rich in dark chocolate and smooth fruitiness. Smooth and satisfying.
6 GALLONS OF BEER: ABC Crafted at home kits yield approximately 6 gallons of beer so you can experience at home brewing at an amazing value.
ABV: This brewing kit creates a delicious at home brew that will be approximately 4.4% in ABV.
Price: $54.00
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