[50 Sets – 12 oz.] Insulated Ripple Paper Hot Coffee Cups With Lids

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Comfy Package Disposable Ripple Wall Coffee Cups With Lids are the paper coffee cup combo sets you need for home, office, or on-the-go. Ready-set-go, you have all needed for the perfect coffee, 50 cups, and 50 lids. These are not just any disposable cups with lids they are double wall paper cups, which means you will not need a sleeve to protect your hands. They are also made with an inner lining to keep them from getting soggy. But that’s not all, because, with the kraft ripple designs paper hot cups, you will feel a little fancy whenever you have one in hand. So why pour that oh-so-perfect Americano you made into anything but the best? Get ready to bring all your hot beverages to the next level of style with the Comfy Package coffee cup sets.

Ready, SET, Go – 50 Sets = 50 12 oz. Double-wall Paper Cups, and 50 Snap-on lids. The ultimate hot cup combo sets.
No Sleeves Needed – Cups are insulated with a double-wall to keep the hot beverage hot and the hand cool.
Leakproof – The compatible lids snap on easily and are leakproof, great for on-the-go or while running errands.
Non Slip Grip – The stylish kraft color ripple wall will make you look fancy and will also prevent the cups from slipping from your hand.
Sturdy & Durable – The thickness of the wall and the structure of the cup makes it the most durable to-go cups on the market.
Price: $22.99
(as of Feb 14,2022 12:41:29 UTC – Details)