11 oz. Amber Glass Grolsch Beer Bottles – Airtight Seal with Swing Top/Flip Top Stoppers – Supplies for Home Brewing & Fermenting of Alcohol, Kombucha Tea, Wine, & Homemade Soda (Single)

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Homebrewing Made Easy!
Start from scratch and create your own flavorful beverage from the ingredients you choose! These premium-quality, swing top Grolsch bottles allow you to brew and store your favorite drinks: beer, wine, and alcohol as well as kombucha tea and homemade soda! Each bottle holds up to 330 ml or 11.16 fluid ounces of liquid, close in comparison to industry standard 12 fluid ounce bottles. These bottles are 9.25″ tall and fit into crates so you can take your homebrew to parties, family gatherings, and vacations.

It’s simple to use, just fill your bottle with your concoctions and place the swing top cap back in the bottle. The glass bottle itself comes in a UV ray protecting, amber color.

Why You’ll Love It

It’s fun to make something from scratch, you can even gift your creations to friends and family. You can make a 6-pack or 12-pack crate to share with all. These elegant bottles have the classic amber-colored glass, adding a touch of sophistication when on display. When you’ve finished off your supply, simply wash them and brew something new. Our airtight bottles reduce foaming caused by pressure and carbonation over time, so your brew maintains the perfect taste.
PREMIUM GROLSCH BOTTLES: Brew a beverage to perfection! Premium-quality, swing top Grolsch bottles
BREWING MADE EASY: Brew and store your favorite drinks: beer, wine, whiskey, liquor and alcohol as well as flavored water, cider, kefir, kombucha tea, vinegar, oil and homemade soda
STANDARD SIZE BOTTLES: Holds 330 ml or 11.16 oz., close in size to the industry standard 12 oz. bottles. Each bottle stands 9.25 inches tall
SWING TOP CAP: Place the swing top cap on top of the bottle for an airtight seal that keeps your brew fresh and safely secured
AMBER GLASS BOTTLES: Protective amber-colored glass grolsch/growler bottles keep contents away from harmful UV rays. These reusable bottles are dishwasher safe, wash and fill them again!
Price: $9.99 - $5.99
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